Tuesday, 28 July 2009

It's vintage daaarling

A sort of vintage inspired illustration...
I love colour.

I'm going to London in a few weeks in search of treasure, hopefully I'll find some wonderful things to be inspired by in camden and brick lane.

For my birthday a couple weeks ago, my lurvely sister (hi steph!) and I, went to a ceramics studio to paint cups! It was fabulous fun, and even though I got a bit ambitious with my painting, and didn't quite finish, I think it turned out quite well

I must go back and paint a teapot, and maybe a cake plate... and I'll have a whole collection of tea related crockery!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

sixty 1

New new new!
I've sorted of neglected my illustration a bit lately, but I'm getting my act together again now yay. So, if anyone would like to pay me to draw things, commissions are very welcome! I need to sort out printing up a portfolio and things, I'm usually so much more organised... I may enter the AOI Images competition thing, if I can decide on an image to submit... but charging £20 per entry is a bit extreme if you ask me.

And I have 4 new followers, this is very exciting, who are you lovely people? Please comment or something so I know you're real life people and not someone going around spamming the world.

Also, if anyone would like to design me a website free of charge? be my guest ;) I'm not in the mood to faff with html and the like so my blog will have to do for now.

Until next time! x

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Florence & Narc

I love Florence and the machine and I was asked to illustrate her but the project never got finished so here it is anyway... :) I may add to it I don't know yet...

I also got around to getting a copy of july's Narc magazine... my latest illustration for their Opinion feature about music festivals....

I really want to go to a festival now! (I know its quite a poor quality picture, my camera's doing strange things at the min)

I've been a very lazy blogger of late but I finally have internet set up in my new house so yay! Expect lots of exciting new updates. Though they probably won't be that exciting.... Ooooh in the space where I have been away, I have acquired 2 new followers - woo!! Hello new followers, into double digits now, I will try and be interesting from now on!

Saturday, 4 July 2009


A couple new illustrations :) Yay. Just something quick with watercolours.
I should be getting the internet at my flat this week, so I won't be deprived of the computer world for much longer!
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