Saturday, 8 August 2009

Seb Lester

So... I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

I went to Electrik Sheep today (one of my fav places in Newcastle - I just love all the books they have, I really could spend hours looking at them). They have a show in their gallery on at the min with Seb Lester which is pretty nifty, I just loooove this image 'tits', its just brilliant!

I would love to have this on a wall as well

I'm soo excited for their next show though, one of my all time favourite illustrators Si Scott will be showing yay! I must make the effort to go the opening, I don't know whether he'll be there or not though.. I really wish his website wasn't 'under construction' I love looking at his work.

I have a couple new things to add soon to my blog when I get them scanned in.... I'm really going to try hard next week to get my act together with my portfolio!
So unorganised -sigh-


  1. thanks for following! those are cool!

  2. haha the tits are awesome!
    your blog is cute :)

  3. Omg I love electric sheep!
    Haha you are the first blogger I have found from Newcastle ;)
    Do they still have that great panther illustration in the window there?
    I love the way the shop is tucked away up that little street.
    Great post, love the tits one!
    Beth xx

  4. Hi! Thanks for commenting! I love finding other people on here from the north east!
    I don't remember seeing the panther... it could've been there i'm just not very observant haha :/
    I love electrik sheep, pink lane is such a strange little hidden place isn't it :D


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