Friday, 11 September 2009

I heart NY!

I'm bacccckkkk!!
Had a wonderous time in the big apple! Theres so much to see and do I actually ran out of time, which only means I'll have to go back again very soon. I have no idea what labour day weekend is, but there were lots of sailors in times square which was kinda neat.

I've decided I'm moving to New York! And when I do, I will live in greenwich village, cause its so cool and my new favourite place :)

I've got loads of pictures, I'll have to get them off my camera soon as I find the cable. I have soo many ideas too for new illustration work, I got this really interesting book from the MoMA bookshop that's really inspired me, it's a shame the actual exhibitions were closed at the time. Who closes a gallery on a tuesday anyway?! Very random.


  1. Can't wait to see and read about your time there..only seen pics of Greenwich Village and yes it looks sooo cool. Welcome back! :))

  2. Thanks! Soon as I find my camera cable I'll get some piccies up :D

  3. Oh great it went so well. Look forward to the pic's.


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