Sunday, 29 November 2009


I made a pattern! Hopefully I'm going to screen print it at some point, so I'll keep it black and white for now.

I actually joined a print studio recently, I'm so excited, I can't wait to make prints! They'll all probably end up on my bedroom wall, but it'll be fun!


  1. i had a teacher who SWORE by diagonal patterns, so chic for gift wrapping a box, you cant go wrong!!! i like the pattern a lot. isnt the most fun ever to make also?

  2. I love pattern making! its so fun when it all fits together

  3. I really love it. That's so great to be able to make your own prints. wow.

  4. Hi Rachel, just to let you know I have included your Christmas cards in a blog post :) Love this pattern by the way!

    ps. I'll also add a link to your blog in the side bar x

  5. Beautifully talented you are!
    Love the print.


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