Friday, 27 November 2009

Possum in the tea

Because I was feeling silly.

I heard the song 'Possibility' by Lykke Li for the first time the other day while watching the new twilight film and as I wasn't paying proper attention I thought the lyrics said 'there's a possum in the tea' hehe, it's actually 'possibility' but I'm daft and easily amused and a quick scribble soon appeared...
It's actually a lovely song, the whole twilight soundtrack is rather wonderful infact, I'm very much enjoying new Death Cab and Grizzly Bear (and if you take our the killers it would be perfect!)


  1. YES. I thought I was the only person who actually thought it said that. I was creasing when my friends dragged me to see New Moon and that song came on.

  2. When I saw New Moon I seriously heard possum in the tea!!!! I died laughing!!!


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