Saturday, 15 May 2010

Graduate Fashion Lookbook (Northumbria 2010)

So! I can finally reveal my big project I've been working super hard on for the last couple of weeks!

I was asked to design this years graduate brochure for the Fashion Design course at Northumbria University (aah my old uni... good times). There are 76 students graduating this year, so you can imagine, trying to organise 76 students portfolio images was quite a mission and a half! The book is 162 pages - and its quite a heavy book, the printers have done an amazing job, I especially love that it's bound with screws.  This was such a good project to work on, I'm so happy with how it's turned out.

This is my v talented sister, Steph - she's graduating this year. I'm ever so proud! Her collection will be amazing (and as I helped cut out about a million triangles, she's promised me free stuff when she finished it woo!) (

These are a couple of personal favourite pages of mine.... Some gorgeous illustrations... Holly Farrar, Helen Stewart, Angharad Griffiths (

My phone's camera is really quite bad :( I'll get some better pics later.

I must say a huuuge thank you to Sara for organising everything, this would probably be a half empty book without her! (

I'm very excited for the catwalk show - the Northumbria show is this Tuesday, 18th May at The Baltic art gallery in Gateshead -  it's going to be be amazinggg!

Hopefully I'll make it down to London for graduate fashion week in June too, the brochures are going to be blown up to A2 sized for the display!

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