Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Birmingham Zine Festival

I'm taking part in the Birmingham Zine Festival as part of the Mail Art exhibition this Sept! Hopefully I'll get to go down to Birmingham for the day and see it. I love postcards, so it was fun to draw on a postcard for this project. When the exhibition is over, all the postcards and being sent out randomly to all the artists who took part. I really wish I'd written something more original than 'hello' on the back haha. I just didn't have time to think of witty things so whoever gets mine - just pretend there's something amazing written on it ;)

Cause so much of what I do is digital, I'm not used to parting with orignal artwork so I had to scan mine in first to save myself a copy, I'll post it up here v soon!

If you're in or around Birmingham on the 10-12th Sept - pop along to the festival, there'll be fun things like printing and zines and stuff.

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