Thursday, 24 March 2011

Pick Me Up

Myself and fellow crayonette Rachel Lewis went along to the Pick Me Up graphic art fair at Somerset House over the weekend. We met up with  lovely illustrators Jo CheungEmma Cowley, June Chanpoomidole and Emma Block to had a little look around! An ideal sunday day out.

The place is packed full of illustration,  design, typography, collectives, books, prints and inspiring creative types.   The exhibition is on until the 27th March, so if you're in or around London and get a chance, I definitely recommend popping in.

(Nicely designed flyer too).

I love a nice bit of typography, and there was alot on offer at the exhibition, one of my favourite illustrators Kate Moross made an appearance with her colourful prints.

There's alot of letterpress artwork and screen prints on display. It's nice to see the more traditional hand crafted methods of printing are still around, I must get back in to screen printing this year.

I took a picture of the letter R.

It was alot of fun, I think I need to go back and go round again, there's so much to take in.

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